Pitbulls: Everything you need to know

Whether you love them, fear them or are on the fence about them, pit bull terriers are extremely popular and part of just about every community in the U.S. And while the dogs enjoy increasing popularity, many people who still aren’t sure about them buy the many myths and hysteria that surrounds them, and Best Friends wants to help folks learn the truth about pit bull terriers. Here you can learn all about pit bulls, including why millions of people choose to share their homes with the dogs everyone seems to be talking about.

Pitbull rescue and advocacy

Why does Best Friends care so much about pit bulls? Because if we didn’t, thousands of much-loved family pets would never have their chance at a happy life. Every dog, no matter the breed, is an individual with unique and valuable qualities. Right now, thousands of families have one or more pit bull–type dogs as pets. Some are mellow couch potatoes, some are lightning-fast agility dogs, some are service or therapy dogs, and many more are simply someone’s best friend. We believe that’s worth caring about.